Team Seed Funding

The Office of Research and Innovation (ORI) offers Team Proposal Development Grants that support research teams working in STEM, social sciences, humanities, and arts fields who have participated in Research Ideation Forums, Strategic Workshops, Rutgers Research Collaboratives, and other strategic initiatives sponsored by ORI.

Funds help provide proof-of-concept funding to catalyze new research projects. We support teams comprised of faculty with complementary strengths across schools as well as departments who agree to pursue one or more external research opportunities related to the funded project in the medium term.

Active Team Proposal Development Grants

Project Title Team Leader(s)
MultimOdal Single-mOlecule Microscopy (MoSoM) Initiative to Catalyze Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Research at Rutgers University Sang-Hyuk Lee (Phys) & Shishir Chundawat (CBE)
Generating a Mechanistic Understanding of Coral Microbiome Function to Aid Conservation and Remediation Debashish Bhattacharya (EENR/DMCS)
Synthetic Cells and Cell Components Adam Gormley (BME)
Objective Driven Experimental Design under Uncertainty for Earth Science Observational Systems Shantenu Jha (ECE)
CoPe: Flexible Transition Pathways in a Dynamic, Complex, Heterogeneously Urbanized Coastal Environment Robert Kopp (EPS/EOAS)
Smart Bandages to Treat Chronic Wounds Aaron Mazzeo (MAE) & Francois Berthiaume (BME)
Translating Biological Intelligence to Artificial Intelligence Konstantinos Michmizos (CS)


Submit Your Proposal

Present, identify, pitch, submit

Step 1

Research teams present a new research idea at a Research Ideation Forum, sponsored by the ORI during the academic year.

Step 2

Based on Research Ideation Forum discussions and feedback, teams identify one or more external funding opportunities based on their ideas that they may wish to pursue in the next 12-18 months. These should be large-scale opportunities suited to interdisciplinary team approaches.

Step 3

Interested research teams pitch a one-page statement of a proposed seed funding project based on the idea presented at the forum to the Office of Research and Innovation. The one-page statement must include:

  • an abstract of the overall project
  • a brief description of the proposed proof-of-concept study/preliminary research necessary to pursue external funding
  • a list of faculty team members
  • information about the large external funding opportunity (or opportunities) to be pursued, with web links as appropriate.

Step 4

Upon review and invitation, research teams submit a three-page concept paper to the ORI. The concept paper must include:

  • Section A: The project title and team composition
  • Section B: An abstract of the project and the contributions of the team members
  • Section C: The strength of the project, the timeliness of the idea, and the competitive nature of the proposal
  • Section D: Organization and key interdisciplinary research groups/components of the proposal
  • Section E: A gap analysis of related research within this field at other institutions and how the proposed project stands apart from others.
  • Section F: Justification for the proposed proof-of-concept study
  • Section G: Budget justification for proof-of-concept funding request (research teams will be provided an ORIinternal funding budget form if invited to submit a concept paper)

Review and Selection

The Office of Research and Innovation along with appropriate research deans and other faculty will review one-pagers and concept papers against the following broad criteria:

  • Does the research project align with Rutgers' strategic research interests and strengths?
  • Does the research team draw upon multiple disciplines and help break down institutional silos?
  • How critical is seed funding for the research project in the short term?