Rutgers Research Collaboratives

Rutgers Research Collaboratives are formed when the individual research programs of three to five faculty converge around a new area of complexity and common concern. Collaboratives are designed to build on existing assets and strengths (personnel, institutions, expertise, relationships) in order to foster new integrated, interdisciplinary scholarship in areas that are emerging at Rutgers.

Collaboratives address problems of academic interest, but its work has the potential to engage with communities outside the university as well as inside it. Research Collaboratives are funded for an initial period of one to two years with the possibility for renewal upon review. They are incubators to promote new research and academic structures and will extend for no more than five years.

Faculty seeking to form a Rutgers Research Collaborative will have a strong track record of research, especially in innovative collaborative research forms, public-facing work, multimedia forms of scholarship and publication, and grant/fellowship support. Associate professors at a key point of professional development (new project, movement toward promotion, recent accomplishment of project) are often especially well-positioned to form a Research Collaborative. Prior participation in ORI forums and events or in other campus research groups is desirable. ORI particularly welcomes applications for Rutgers Research Collaboratives that expand the work of humanities scholarship, finding new academic and public audiences for problems that will benefit from a humanistic approach and potentially integrating the humanities with related work in scientific fields.