Large-Scale Proposal Development

The Office of Research and Innovation's team provides strategic planning and proposal development support to faculty on select research grant proposals.

Proposal development services provide support to the Rutgers–New Brunswick faculty and research teams to submit high-quality, highly competitive proposals. Our goal is to improve funding success.

Proposal development staff assists with managing large proposals (i.e., that meet the annual budget threshold and requirements detailed below) and supports proposals of strategic importance to the Rutgers–New Brunswick community. ORI works in conjunction with research administrators and support staff at your school to provide the services most appropriate to your proposal's development.

Support for large grants must meet the following criteria:

  • Include a multi-PI research team with core team members from more than one school
  • Require a multi-year research plan
  • Have a total budget of at least $500K per year for STEM-based research, $100K for humanities, arts, and humanistic social sciences-based work

Types of Support

  • Initial strategic planning
  • Project management to support PI in planning and preparing proposal, in coordination with institutional grant support personnel
  • Copyediting and proposal review
  • Connections to potential internal and external collaborators


To help you plan and prepare your proposal, ORI needs to be contacted at least six weeks before the sponsor's deadline.

However, for optimal planning for large and center proposals a timeline of 6 to 8 months before due date is recommended for these complex submissions.

Proposal development support can include:

A. Strategy Consultations: Plan Your Approach and Connect to Resources

We can facilitate strategy sessions with you and your team: planning sessions to identify gaps and connect you to resources, discussions to help you create a cohesive project that is responsive to the solicitation, and help with connections to potential internal and external collaborators.

B. Project Management Support

Kickoff Meeting and Regular Check-Ins: Keep Your Team Organized and Create a Clear Proposal Workplan

ORI can plan and carry out a kickoff meeting to create a workplan for proposal submission and facilitate communication and team organization with regular check-ins to support consistent progress.

We can support the proposal team in establishing scope of work and help with assigning responsibilities for proposal document production.

Schedule and Manage Weekly Proposal Team Meetings

ORI can schedule and manage weekly team meetings to keep proposal tasks on track and help keep the team focused on proposal submission activities.

Content Planning and Proposal Timeline: Provide Documents to Keep Your Team on Track

Our office can create a proposal schedule for your team and we can track internal deadlines and progress.

We can provide a proposal calendar and a checklist for proposal documents with a compliance matrix (a list of proposal requirements).

We can provide a shell document for the proposal team that will help plan content that is compliant to the requirements of the solicitation and responsive to the evaluation criteria.

Compliance Checks and Track Deadlines and Milestones

Our office can track and regularly report on internal deadlines and milestones for the proposal team and complete regular compliance checks with the team to ensure a compliant and on time proposal submission.

C. Copyediting and Proposal Review

Our office can review and edit your documents based on best practices and sponsor requirements to help you communicate the benefits of your project.

D. Red Team Reviews: Get Reviews from Peers Before You Submit Your Proposal to the Sponsor

Our office can schedule and facilitate internal and external content reviews for your proposal, with PI and team input, so you can receive feedback and improve your proposal before you submit to the sponsor.

Contact us at to discuss your proposal. 

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