Research Ideation Forums

Research Ideation Forums encourage bold and disruptive research thinking across disciplines. Teams address a grand challenge through multiple perspectives, arriving at truly convergent paths for future research. A team’s membership must transcend disciplinary boundaries, and representation from multiple schools is strongly encouraged. 

Research Ideation Forums foster collaborative research community-building in emerging thematic spaces. The ideation process encourages secondary and tertiary connections among faculty and other partners that bring broader benefits beyond the initial ideas of the primary leaders.

Research Ideation Forums help researchers develop roadmaps for future proposal development and submission. Idea leaders work with their teams in consultation with partners, including the Rutgers Office of Federal Relations, Rutgers Corporate and Foundation Relations, the Corporate Engagement Center, and Lewis-Burke Associates, to identify multiple potential funding sources and specific request for proposals that may be aligned with the team’s emerging research projects and Rutgers strengths.

Past Forums