What We Do

We convene colleagues around emerging problems and innovative research areas.

Research Ideation Forums

Research Ideation Forums are large-scale meetings (80-120 people) where collaborative research teams present grant-ready projects to an audience of interdisciplinary peers and other university stakeholders. They take place two to three times per year and provide a daylong occasion for focused, collective thinking about grand challenges at Rutgers in STEM, social sciences, and humanities and arts fields. Expert feedback at Research Ideation Forums refines projects, opens pathways to funding, and builds connections across departments and schools. Research Ideation Forums are a primary pathway for the Office of Research and Innovation Seed Funding.

Strategic Workshops

Strategic Workshops are mid-sized meetings (15-80 people) designed to map an emerging research area that is of strategic importance to Rutgers by showcasing existing projects, exploring extramural funding opportunities, and making new connections to colleagues in other departments and schools. Through a combination of flash presentations and structured brainstorming exercises, Strategic Workshops canvass a wide spectrum of activity in a given research area: major themes, new collaborative opportunities, ideas for coteaching and other curricular innovation. Strategic Workshops take place two to three times per year and are a primary pathway to Research Ideation Forums, Grand Challenge Seminars, Public Events, and Rutgers Research Collaboratives.

Grand Challenge Seminars

Grand Challenge Seminars feature leading scholars who can see the future. Small gatherings (10-20 people) over a meal introduce researchers and thought leaders at Rutgers to a campus colleague or a guest from outside the university who is doing transformational scholarship such as pioneering new forms of research, developing a new method, introducing new kinds of evidence, challenging received wisdom, testing a new theory, collaborating with new partners, developing new prototypes, achieving new outcomes, and in the process outlining a new domain of scholarship. Grand Challenge Seminars meet three to four times per year and aim to spark the ideas that can lead fields over the next decade.

Rutgers Research Collaboratives

Rutgers Research Collaboratives are vertically-integrated prototypes for advancing research, teaching, grant funding, and community engagement in an emerging area of scholarship at Rutgers. Collaboratives are formed when the individual research programs of three to five faculty from different schools converge around a new area of complexity and common concern. Collaboratives crystallize a domain of scholarship that stretches beyond conventional academic units, such as departments, centers, or institutes, linking schools together and addressing problems that have broader relevance to the public world with the potential to engage with communities outside the university as well as inside it. Members commit to a two- to five-year period of focused research, grant development, innovative teaching, and public events that grow a new intellectual community and establish a major new area of scholarship at the university. Collaboratives are created through periodic calls for proposals and are composed out of Research Ideation Forums, Strategic Workshops, and Grand Challenge Seminars.

Collaboration Beacon

Collaboration Beacons are signals that you’re looking for colleagues or resources. Do you want to increase the scale, complexity, and impact of your research? Explore a new topic area with colleagues in other departments and schools? Identify a possible community or industry partner on a project? Have questions about funding and grant opportunities? Send a Collaboration Beacon and we’ll connect you to what you need.

Large-Scale Proposal Development

Our team provides strategic planning and large-scale proposal development support to faculty on select research grant proposals. Proposal development services provide support to the Rutgers–New Brunswick faculty and research teams to submit high-quality, highly competitive proposals. Our goal is to improve funding success.

Rutgers–New Brunswick Limited Submissions

Limited Submissions are funding opportunities where the sponsor has limited the number of applications from an organization. At Rutgers, this is primarily limited by chancellor unit (i.e., Rutgers–New Brunswick) or by university (i.e., all Rutgers chancellor units combined).

Support for Early Career Faculty

Our office provides workshops and proposal review consultations to support early career faculty.

We facilitate the development of new research projects through seed funding to new teams and proposal support for large-scale projects.

Through its Team Proposal Development Grants, the Office of Research and Innovation (ORI) provides support for research teams working in STEM, social sciences, humanities, and arts fields who have participated in Research Ideation Forums, Strategic Workshops, Rutgers Research Collaboratives, and other strategic initiatives. Seed Funds help provide proof-of-concept funding to catalyze new research projects. We support teams comprised of faculty with complementary strengths across schools as well as departments who agree to pursue one or more external research opportunities related to the funded project in the medium term.

For faculty teams pursuing large-scale research grant proposals, the ORI team provides project management and proposal development support, doing so in conjunction with pre-award staff at schools, departments, and centers across the university. Learn more about these Research Resources.

We provide strategic support to faculty pursuing early-career research grants and prestigious fellowships.

As a part of the Rutgers–New Brunswick Office of the Provost, ORI emphasizes the close connection between research development and faculty development. To that end, ORI offers proposal development workshops and related services to faculty pursuing select career-stage research grants and fellowships.