Find Funding Opportunities

Access a number of sources for research funding opportunities on the Research Portal website managed by the Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED).

Grants.Gov is the core source for federal research funding opportunities, where you can sign up for tailored email alerts.

GrantForward has an expansive list of funding opportunities from the federal, state, and private sectors.

ORED also maintains a database of Featured Funding Opportunities, a curated list of active RFPs from foundations and industry partners across all fields.

Limited Submission Opportunities (LSOs)

Some funding opportunities impose limits on how many applications can be received by one institution for that funding call. At Rutgers, this is primarily limited by chancellor unit (i.e., Rutgers–New Brunswick) or by university (i.e., all Rutgers chancellor units combined).

How can I identify a limited submission opportunity?

Visit ORED’s Limited Submission Opportunities page, which curates a substantial list of LSOs. The Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs also coordinates select LSO national awards and fellowships. If a solicitation is ambiguous, we encourage you to contact ORED staff at

I want to apply for an RFP that’s an LSO. What do I do?

Interested researchers will first need to complete an internal pre-application for the specific LSO. The pre-application deadline will be several weeks before the external deadline. Visit ORED’s Limited Submission Opportunities page for further instructions and details.

  • The pre-application and review process for universitywide LSOs (listed as # per Rutgers) is conducted by ORED.
  • Application and review processes for chancellor unit LSOs are generally conducted within the chancellor unit itself or in conjunction with ORED. The Office of Research and Innovation is the liaison to ORED on Rutgers–New Brunswick LSOs.

Pre-applications are reviewed by an internal committee of researchers against criteria tailored to the given solicitation. ORED will notify you of the committee’s decision on your pre-application no later than 6 weeks before the external deadline.

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