Rutgers-New Brunswick Research Ideation Forum, Spring 2018

Friday, May 11, 2018
CoRE Building, Busch Campus


Session A. Microbiome & Human Health

Grant Theme 1: Microbiome and Nutrition for Human Health and Wellness

Idea Leader: Liping Zhao

Grant Theme 2: A global vault for preserving the disappearing human microbiota diversity

Idea Leader: Maria G. Dominguez


Session B. Advanced Materials

Grant Theme 3: Energy Materials: Catalysis for Energy Conversion & Storage

Idea Leaders: Teddy Asefa, Glenn Amatucci, Rick Garfunkel

Grant Theme 4: Biomaterials

Idea Leaders: Joachim Kohn, Biju Parekkadan

Grant Theme 5: Adaptive Quantum Matter

Idea Leader: Jak Chakhalian, Karin Rabe


Session C. Data Science and Intelligent Systems

Grant Theme 6: Robotics Idea

Leader: Kostas Bekris, Kristin Dana

Grant Theme 7: Interactive Cognitive Systems

Idea Leaders: Chirag Shah, Yongfeng Zhang

Grant Theme 8: Machine Learning and Health

Idea Leaders: Vladimir Pavlovic and Fioralba Cakoni


Session D. Data Science and Cyber-Human-Physical Systems

Grant Theme 9: Smart and Trustworthy Transportation Systems

Idea Leaders: Marco Gruteser and Bob Noland

Grant Theme 10: Security and the Human Element

Idea Leaders: Fred Roberts Grant

Theme 11: Socio-technical Cybersecurity

Idea Leaders: Rebecca Wright, Janne Lindqvist


Forum Programming: Jean Baum, Joachim Kohn, Thu Nguyen, Fred Roberts, Rebecca Wright, Liping Zhao

Research Ideation Forums foster collaborative research in emerging areas, develop roadmaps for federal grant proposals, and encourage bold and disruptive research thinking.