Humanities and Arts Funding

National Fellowships provide substantial sabbatical time to write a book or other long-form research project. Fellowships do not require residency and generally qualify for the Rutgers Faculty Competitive Fellowship Leave (CFL) Program. Some fellowships correspond to a specific field or method of study (i.e., Asia, the Digital Humanities, Public Humanities).   

National Fellowship Resources

Residential Fellowships provide time to write a book or other long-form research project in the company of exciting new colleagues from other disciplines. Libraries often offer both long-term and short-term fellowships.   

Residential Fellowship Resources

Public Scholar funding supports community-engaged scholarship with partners, public writing, and other pathways toward public engagement. 

Public Scholar Resources

Convening Grants gather colleagues and graduate students to explore new topics and significant challenges. Some grant support single occasions while others support more extended summer schools or annual seminars.

Convening Grants Resources

Local Humanities Funding is available at Rutgers–New Brunswick to support faculty research.  

Local Humanities Funding Resources