Humanities and Arts

Mission and Activity

Advancing the Future of the Humanities

The Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Research in the Humanities and Arts fosters interdisciplinary research initiatives that are of compelling interest to the academy at large and that build collaboratively on the emergent strengths in the humanities and arts at Rutgers.

We cultivate the problems, methods, forms, and arguments that will carry the humanities forward into the next decade by bringing the many fields that make up the arts, humanities, and humanistic social sciences into meaningful, foundational dialogue with advanced research in the STEM disciplines. At the same time, we return continuously to past traditions to show how the values that have always given meaning to our lived experience remain more pertinent than ever.

Through a combination of strategic planning among academic units, pilot research funding, and extramural grant and foundation support, faculty from across the many schools and departments that make up Rutgers University–New Brunswick come together to collaborate in innovative ways, producing prize-winning scholarship and bringing the vital work of the university to the diverse and ever-widening communities that encapsulate Rutgers.

As the inaugural Associate Vice Chancellor for Research in the Humanities and Arts, Dr. Henry S. Turner brings more than two decades of commitment to humanities scholarship that weaves together the enduring questions of literature, art, history, and philosophy with the conceptual richness of science, technology, and mathematics.

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